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Set up a FREE one-on-one call with a team member to determine your business needs.  Our services are customizable for each individual, business, and industry so you can achieve your greatest success. We aim to empower you and your business by giving you the proper tools and systems you need for better managing your finances.

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Our Services

At Marocola Elite Solutions, we work as an extension of your business to handle all of your day-to-day needs so that you can focus on what you do best. These are some of the services that we can provide to you.

Business Management

Maximize your business's workflow efficiently, maintain your revenue streams and collect from your clients or customers. We help with answering calls, scheduling, hiring staff, invoicing, and more by offering you the proper tools and organization skills needed to grow your business.

Personal Taxes

Get your tax refund quickly and accurately.  We will prepare and file your individual tax return while making sure that you get your entitled refund as quickly as possible. 

Business Taxes

Avoid penalties with the IRS, and file your business's return quickly and efficiently while making sure to take the proper deductions. We will prepare and file your business's tax returns accurately, timely and in compliance with federal and state laws.

NEW! Social Media Management

We manage and facilitate quality social media content for our business clients! 

 We help promote, maintain and strengthen your company's brand using social media platforms to engage with existing customers and reach new ones by asserting your expertise in your industry. 

Financial Consulting

Maximize your business's results, set your revenue and expense goals, and operate at top efficiency. We will review your business's financial position and provide you with recommendations to improve your business's financial efficiency.


Make smarter decisions for your business with accurately captured financial data. We will classify  your income and expenses, and reconcile your bank and credit card accounts so that you can see the big picture.

Patrycja Marocola

Patrycja Marocola

I started my journey to becoming an Accountant at a firm on Staten Island, NY back in 2007. My first position at the firm I worked as an office helper. By teaching myself and learning from other professionals in the industry,

I was able to get the knowledge and experience that I have today!  I have a wide range of experience from bookkeeping, accounting, sales tax, payroll tax, highway use tax, and much more. My clients are top priority and our goal is to provide them with the best service possible.  

Our bookkeeping and accounting firm proudly focuses on empowering and hiring women!

 We have a team of smart, focused, and strong women, each of them having their own strengths and experiences. Together we can help your business reach it's full financial potential!


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